Hoodie FAQs

Hoodies FAQs:

1. How long does it take from ordering?

Please allow four weeks from the date you provide the final design approval of the design. In most cases the order will be ready well before this time. Prior to this it may take a few weeks to design and approve the style of leavers hoodie required.

2. Must the garment style and colour be same throughout?

No, you may mix and match, but the minimum order for each single print colour is 18.

3. Must the design be same throughout?

No you may have different designs, but you need to order a minimum of 18 of each design.

4. I would like nicknames or names on some garments and not on other. Is this ok?

Nicknames and names can be requested as required. However we do charge extra for names. See our price guide for assistance.

5. Do I have to order a minimum number of garments?

As discussed above, because of the bespoke nature of the items, minimum orders are 18 per print.

6. How Do I pay?

You can pay online, by bank transfer

7. Are there any other charges apart from the price of the garments?

Prices quoted are per garment . All design work and set-up charges are included but exclusive of VAT where applicable. Delivery is free on orders of 18 or more items.

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