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We are a family run business with a 50 year history of clothing retail and over 20 years of experience in School Uniforms. Over this time, we have understood the need to exceed customer requirements in quality and provide excellent levels of customer service and support. Our overriding focus is a simple one. We want to supply high quality, affordable uniforms, ethically sourced coupled with an excellent customer service experience.

Why Choose Us

  • Whether you are an existing school or a new Free School or Academy, we are here to help. If you are thinking about changing your school uniform or your uniform supplier, don’t stick to the devil you know!! Selecting the right supplier is essential. If you are looking to change supplier, we can make it easy for you to make an informed choice on your school’s uniform making sure that you have a uniform that you can be proud of and one that suits your school’s requirements NOT your supplier's.
  • But why choose us? Here’s some of the reasons we believe we can make a difference:
    1. Quality- We source direct from the manufacturer to ensure greater control over quality and costs. We choose the best fabrics and manufacturers to ensure best value for parents. This enables schools and parents to buy in confidence.
    2. Price- To source the bespoke uniform your school deserves, you won’t have to break the bank. You can pick up a custom ordered blazer, knitwear item, tie and sports kit (top, shorts and socks) from just £50 per pupil without compromising on quality. We can help put together a package that suits your requirements, as well as your budget. We price match our competitors on a like for like basis should the need arise for added peace of mind.
    3. Service - We will guide you at every step of the way from design to distribution of your uniform. We can advise on the design of a new uniform by providing images to help you get an understanding of how your uniform will look.  We work closely with our customers and listen to their needs. We value your feedback, comments, requests and ideas, which help to shape our future products and services.


Bespoke Uniform Design

As uniform appearance and its desired effect to increase discipline and ultimately academic performance become even more mportant, we can help you stand out from the crowd to design and source a uniform for you that is distinctive, practical and affordable. Whether you are looking for something traditional or contemporary, formal or informal or even culturally sensitive we can source the right uniform for you.

By getting to know your requirements, we will offer uniform ideas for your consideration, followed by sample garments once you have narrowed down your options. We can offer compulsory and optional items of uniform, sportswear and accessories.

Once the styles have been agreed upon, we will explain the lead times involved and work with you to determine how to best deliver your requirements. That can be a bulk drop off direct to school to offer the best possible price to school or a facility for parents to buy online so the school can focus on education and allow us to take care of the uniform form design to distribution.

Whatever you choose, we will ensure your uniform is appropriate, practical, durable, affordable, deliverable and most importantly available all year round.


Stock Holding Facility

Once your uniform is decided upon, we can offer a stock holding facility for items of bespoke uniform to manage your school uniform requirements, The benefits are as follows:

  • Help maintain availability of your uniform
  • Only pay when you order so no school funds tied up
  • Your bespoke items ready for dispatch so no need to tie up valuable storage space.

We will work with you to agree your forecasted uniform and sportswear requirements for the coming year using our experience and historical sales data, as well as the schools population and new intake figures. We’ll then source your uniform in the most cost effective and efficient manner ensuring your uniform is available whenever you need them.

We will hold any garments, whether they are printed, embroidered or plain, so long as your school’s annual requirement exceeds 75 garments per style and colour. You can call-off items as required by e-mail and we will arrange delivery within 5 working days. You can request as many or as few items as you like, though there is a surcharge of £8 + VAT on orders of less than 15 garments.

We will review your stock levels each year and sit down with you to review how well the service has worked so far and forecast the following year’s requirements. For this system to work, we simply require the school to sign a written agreement to offer 12 months’ notice if it wishes to change any bespoke item of uniform and /or to take the remaining stock we are holding. This ensures we are not left with any surplus or obsolete stock should you decide to change your logo, uniform or supplier.


Ethical Sourcing

We are passionate about sourcing ethically and responsibly to ensure there is no exploitation of workers or children in the procurement of our garments and that our garments are produced in safe and good working conditions. After all, happy workers will ensure that high quality products are produced at the end of the manufacturing process.

 Contact Us now or speak with our customer friendly support team at 01204 392610.